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Sinitor has earned the trust of large international clients as well as smaller corporations. Common to them all is that they see that surveying is a strategically and operationally effective tool for creating conditions for continuous development.

Sinitor has experience form practically every business, industry, and target group. We thrive on finding cost-efficient solutions that deliver optimal foundations for decision-making. We welcome you too to become our client.

Large bench-marking project
for a major Swedish bank.

(Telephone interviews)

On behalf of on of Sweden’s major banks, Sinitor conducted a survey in order to measure the bank’s positions in relation to its major competitors. By qualified sampling (from the tax office population register and PAR’s corporate adress register) interviews were conducted by telephone with 10,000 individuals, as well as with persons in charge of bank relations in 5,000 corporations (sorted into groups by size). Using the results from the survey, the bank has formed a good view of its market position, and of the strengths and weaknesses in its customer relations, as well as those of its competitors (including the now well-established NPS - Net Promotion Score).

The bank analysed the data in-house. At the moment a follow-up survey is being planned, probably including markets beyond Sweden.

Trade mark survey in 13 countries for a large Finnish paper company.
(Telephone interviews)

An annual trade mark survey, on behalf of a large Finnish paper company, has been conducted by Sinitor since 2004. The survey focuses on the business-to-business relationship and spans four market segments.

The project encompasses construction of the survey questionnaire, interviewing, data compilation, analysis (including annual changes and important conclusions), and reports (comprehensively as well as per country). Sinitor was represented at the meeting were decisions were made based on the findings.

World’s largest football survey 2010.
(Web based)

During three hectic weeks before the World Cup in South Africa, Sinitor conducted “the world’s largest football survey” (we also conducted a corresponding survey in connection with the World Cup in 2006). The client was one of the largest football web communities in cooperation with one of the most respected sports magazines geared towards football. The survey was conducted in three large web universa. Questions encompassed evrything from which teams the respondents favoured to win (and those least favoured), which players who were most popular (and least popular), whether vacation plans had been changed to accomodate the Wordl Cup schedule, the importance of Fair Play, and so on. Over 100,000 answers from 138 different countries were amassed in our database.

Sinitor also assisted in the analysis of the results to find opinions the PR consultants could use to create headlines. The project was very successful and the results from the survey made it to several newspaper front pages and to an even larger number of newspaper sports supplements world wide.