About Us

Our mission. We convey knowledge and opinions that mirror reality. The goal is operational insights. Our combined experience is used to optimise data collection and analysis, both for the respondent and the intrerpreter of the results. This results in the highest possible quality in results and recommendations.

We hate waste - that is, we never do anything that neither we nor our client value. That makes us efficient and economically competitive.

Who we are. Sinitor is the combined forces of Sinitor AB, founded in the late 1990’s, and Anthill Research AB, established
1994. The merger was completed by New Year 2010/2011.
By pooling experience and competence from several areas we have built a strong and competitive team. Our business offer is founded upon deep knowledge, innovation, and care for both client and interviewees.

Within our organisation there are bahavioural scientists, logisticians and statisticians, as well as experienced researchers from both sales and purchasing. Additionally, our organisation has many years of experience from all forms of interviewing and data collecting.

The guiding thought for everyone in Sinotor’s organisation is the focus on data collection. This is fundamental to any basis for desicion-making. No survey in the world can deliver qualitative answers or form reality-based recommendations if the data is sub-standard. Sadly, this is often an area where economic considerations influence decisions. Our view is that in such cases it is simply better to refrain from surveying at all.

Our clients include Swedish as well as international corporations and organisations.

Sinitor is a Latin term for reflection, or horizon.

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